Paula Stewart, MD MS CLT-LANA

Date of original LANA certification: 05/01/2001
LANA Certificate Expires: 12/31/2025


Parkridge Medial Center - Wound Care/Lymphedema Clinic
2339 McCallie Ave
Chatanooga, TN 37403
Paula JB Stewart MD, MS CLT-LANA graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Human
Biology and a Masters in Neurobiology. She graduated from Medical School at the University
of Minnesota in 1987 and completed a residency in PM&R at the Mayo Clinic in 1991. She
established one of the largest lymphedema clinics on the Eastern seaboard in Charlotte, NC at
the Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation, serving over 500 new patients a year and seeing more
than 50 patients a week in the clinic. In addition she served as the Research Director for 10
years, eventually contributing to winning designation as a Model System for TBI for CIR.

In 1999 she along with Dr. Joseph Feldman, participated in the founding of LANA. Initially she
served as Treasurer for the organization and now serves as Vice-President. In addition, Dr.
Stewart has been a member of the Medical Advisory Committee for the NLN for more than 10
years. In 2002 she took a position as Medical Director of the Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital
and established a Lymphedema clinic in Birmingham, Al. providing both inpatient and outpatient
care for those with lymphedema. She has written multiple articles and co-authored a book and
has spoken nationally and internationally on the topic of lymphedema. She is also subspeciality
boarded in Spinal Cord Injury Medicine and is Director of Spinal Cord Injury Services and Brain
Injury Services at the Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital.