Erik Bleeker

Date of original LANA certification: 08/01/2019
LANA Certificate Expires: 12/31/2025

Physical Therapist

Clear Choice Physical Therapy
5975 North Federal Highway, Suite 244
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
954 610 2253

Erik Bleeker, MSPT, CSCS is a Fort Lauderdale-based physical therapist and founder of Clear Choice Physical Therapy. Bleeker (you can call him “Bleeker” if you want, all his friends do) specializes in the treatment and management of lymphedema. What distinguishes Bleeker and Clear Choice Physical Therapy is the level of expertise and attention you will receive throughout your treatment.

Bleeker opened the doors to Clear Choice in September of 2014, after 12 years working as a physical therapist and clinic director at several physical therapy practices both in Florida and New York. He was driven by a desire to provide a patient with the very best in straightforward, customized care. He envisioned a practice where he could build relationships with his patients based on an honest assessment of their situation, unhindered by the dynamics of larger healthcare organizations. Clear Choice’s proximity (it’s right inside) to Fort Lauderdale’s well-respected and no-nonsense gym, The Fitness Clinic, allows Bleeker access to state of the art exercise equipment while keeping Clear Choice itself small and very personal.

Not all physical therapists are created equally.  Bleeker has gone to great lengths to specialize his training and distinguish Clear Choice Physical Therapy as the most referred physical therapy practice in Fort Lauderdale.  It is Bleeker himself who is certified in the treatment of Lymphedema and is committed to helping this underserved population.  Make an appointment today to see how lymphedema treatment at Clear Choice is truly the only clear choice.