LANA Recertification

The LANA Board of Directors congratulates and supports ALL candidates who have passed the certification examination. The board values ALL members of LANA and their contributions to their communities and to their patients. Our recent American National Standards accreditation and the recognition that our status has achieved is valuable. The CLT-LANA certification held by certified therapists is valid and is important, as well as being relevant clinically, academically and professionally. 

The LANA Board of Directors is not promoting nor encouraging LANA members to seek recertification earlier than necessary. However, anyone who has current CLT-LANA certification who would like to re-certify early in order to have a certificate that states the new accreditation status, may do so by meeting the same criteria that would be needed for recertification at their regular time. Early recertification will start a new time clock for applicants who choose this route, i.e.  the therapist will need to renew their certification 6 years from the date of the recertification.