Sigvaris Certified Wound Care Course


By utilizing investigative techniques used in
solving crimes, attendees of this class will learn how to break down relevant
factors that have caused a chronic or stalled wound.

This course is designed to certify attendees in
understanding wounds etiology, wound healing progression, determining the
barriers to healing utilizing the TIME(s) method, selecting appropriate
treatment to assist in chronic wound healing for patients with most types of
wounds (deep surgical wounds are not addressed).This course will also help
attendees to determine when it is appropriate and necessary to refer a patient
to a Wound Care Specialty Center. Attendees will learn the normal healing
process and the barriers to those processes that can be positively affected by
specific types of primary dressings, treatment methods, biologics and
compression. Through workshops and hands-on activities, attendees will learn
how to properly measure and document wounds, perform and document ongoing care,
and through Case Study activities learn how to determine proper plans of care
to assist the patient’s body in healing itself.


Wednesday April 29th, 2020 - Wednesday April 29th, 2020

St Louis, Missouri


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