Evaluation and Management of Head & Neck Lymphedema


Head and Neck Lymphedema (HNL) is
a devastating condition that frequently follows surgery or radiation for the
treatment of head and neck cancer. Not only can HNL affect the patient’s
communication and swallowing function, but in severe cases can affect
respiration, vision, and even ambulation, not to mention the frustration and
embarrassment that accompanies this disfiguring condition. However, with proper
treatment, HNL can typically be reduced to a manageable level. This 2 ½ day
workshop will provide the academic foundation and practical application for the
therapist to successfully implement basic techniques to reduce the edema that
can create such devastating impairments. Therapists will learn about: (1) the
basic lymphatic system; (2) evaluation and measurement; (3) Manual Lymph
drainage (MLD); (4) compression wraps and garments; (5) documentation and


Friday August 16th, 2019 - Sunday August 18th, 2019

Chicago, IL


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