Edema Solutions for Wound Specialists


This course was originally created
for Wound Specialists but also attracts Certified Lymphedema Therapists (CLTs)
interested in a solid review and advanced treatment dialogue.

For the non-certified professional
interested in lymphedema therapy, this course provides an excellent
introduction to Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), the international gold
standard in lymphedema treatment.

Experienced wound clinicians know
that effective management of edema is central to successful outcomes. Yet most
wound specialists encounter cases in which the standard approach to edema
management just doesn’t seem enough. Many wound specialists don’t fully
appreciate the lymphatic component present in all edemas. There is a tendency
to treat wound care and lymphedema treatment as two distinct treatment
approaches, which can’t be blended. When the clinician realizes the knowledge
of the lymphedema skill set will help to heal many of their patients, they
realize bringing lymphedema understanding into their wound care practice is

This course provides detailed
instruction in lymphedema treatment as it relates to wound care. It is the
purpose of this course to empower wound specialists with the essentials of the
lymphedema skill set to allow them to optimally manage all edemas, thereby
improving outcomes and often healing otherwise non-healing wounds. Therefore
this course is for the clinician who wants to improve outcomes in wound care,
not necessarily to create a separate specialty.

The successful student will be
introduced to the similarities and differences of the full spectrum of edema
types including lymphedema, venous edema, phlebolymphostatic edema, cardiac
edema and others. You will also be introduced to suggested edema and wound
treatment protocols for multiple limb types including: Charcot foot, the
neuropathic limb, elephantiasis, and arteriovenous affected patient. Using
proven methods to improve lymphatic function, the successful student will
achieve lasting edema reduction, enhance immune function, improve skin
integrity and attain lasting wound resolution in many patients.

Superior outcomes will decrease
recidivism, shorten time to wound closure, attract new patients to your
services, increase satisfaction and provide marketing advantages. The successful
student is likely to find their services in high demand. The experienced
lymphedema therapist will find value in a detailed review of physiology and
treatment techniques, as well as practical instruction that makes the direct
connection between lymphedema and wound care, helping to strengthen their
management of the lymphedema patient who presents with active wounds.

20% discount for CLT-LANA therapists


Saturday October 5th, 2019 - Sunday October 6th, 2019

Orlando, FL


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