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Advanced Lymphatic/Lymphedema Course Including Advanced Head and Neck


This two-day advanced seminar provides the information and techniques needed to problem solve through a complex variety of diagnoses and co-morbid conditions relating to the lymphatic system. The hands-on techniques presented in the lab sessions will include a series of specialized, unique, integrated techniques, which will address the musculo-skeletal system, the nervous system, the vascular system, and their integration with the lymphatic system.

       Therapists with prior lymphedema experience will benefit from the application of these advanced clinical treatment techniques that will add expertise to their treatment protocols,optimize the functioning of the lymphatic system, resulting in a more sustainable patient outcome that includes more cost effective compression bandaging and garment options for their patients. Ways to develop and expand the therapist's current lymphedema management program will be discussed.

*Newest Research Update

*Advanced Management Strategies for genital and head and neck lymphedema

*Kinesio-Taping for lymphedema and scar management

*Current theories surgical intervention

*Cost effective strategies for compression bandaging and garment fitting

*Multi-disciplined approach and expand effective means to market new concepts in lymphedema management to the medical community in acute care, outpatient, private, and home health settings.

*Psychosocial aspects of lymphedema

*Pain management and palliative care

*Wound care and lymphedema

*MLD for plastic surgery clients and surgical complications

*Additional techniques for treating bariatric clients

 Also included will be round robin case studies with peer input for your most problematic cases, and a review of the 2017 Lymphedema National Conference and the 2015 World Congress abstracts and presentations with therapeutic applications interpreted.


Saturday April 28th, 2018 - Sunday April 29th, 2018

Christiansburg, VA


Contact Information:

Contact: carmen@monarchce.com