Advanced Lymphedema Management I


This course will review the lymphatic system and thoroughly cover evaluation and treatment sequences for lymphedema affecting the upper and lower extremities, as well as the head and neck. The use of alternative compression materials for the trunk and advanced use of compression bandages for the extremities will be discussed.  Further, the incorporation of alternative bandaging/night time garments will be presented.  New areas of development and research in regards to lymphedema treatment are discussed. These areas include the Lymphedema Treatment Act, exercise programs, Axillary Web Syndrome, compression pumps and elastic taping.  Case studies are incorporated into the course and allows the participants to further develop their clinical problem-solving skills.                                                                                                 Prerequisites:  This 3-day advanced course is open to Certified Lymphedema Therapists only. All participants need to show proof of completion of a CDT certification program from one of the recognized schools.                       

Contact Hours:  24


Friday May 19th, 2017 - Sunday May 21st, 2017

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


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