Lymphatic Correction Using Elastic Taping Method


Course participant will be introduced to the applications of elastic tape into their therapy practice. They will learn basic anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, the history and therapy behind elastic taping and the indications and contraindications of using elastic tape. Then participants will have actual hands-on practice applying the elastic tape, learning the proper application techniques. Participants will also learn how to use elastic taping in the treatment of lymphedema as well as other application uses. After completion of this 2-day course, participants will be able to use elastic taping application for the treatment of head and neck, upper and lower extremity lymphedema, trunkal edema as well as breast edema. All elastic tape applications will be demonstrated prior to practice.                                                                                                   Prerequisites:  This 2-day course is open to licensed healthcare professionals.  Prior Lymphedema Management knowledge is preferred, but not required.                                                                                                             Contact Hours:  12


Saturday December 23rd, 2017 - Monday December 4th, 2017

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


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