Oncology Rehab Certification Course


Description of Learning Objectives:

     Interpret the surgical procedure and previous orongoing treatment of an oncology care patient and how it relates to progress inour rehab protocols, special focus will be on types of oncological breastsurgeries and types of reconstruction

     Obtain a working knowledge of cancer pathogenesis, tumor and diseaseidentification

     Evaluate chemotherapy agents and their side effects and complicationsincluding chemo induced neuropathy, chemo brain, fatigue, myelosuppression

     Establish treatment protocols including exercise based on ACSMguidelines with the ability of the patient to progress on their own long term;soft tissue work and other manual techniques to restore ROM, strength and thusfunction.  Both aspects of rehab willlend to the patient feeling whole and indirectly aid in restoring mental andemotional health

     Gain the ability to properly utilize functional outcomes measuresusing ICF classifications, extensive assessment tools and appropriate G-codes,CPT codes and ICD-10 codes in documentation

     Discover patient education techniques related to self soft-tissuemobilization, exercise, chemotherapy side-effect compensation, and other needsof oncology care patients with significant lab time for K-taping, neuralgliding, axillary web syndrome and more.

     Relate the basic anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system tothat of a patient in oncology care. Understand how lymphedema may impact their functional limitations andwhat to do to help them reach their full rehab potential

     Understand the gold standards in lymphatic/lymphedema care in apatient that has had lymph node removal or impairment, with significant labtime

     Recognize the physical and psychosocial implications of cancersinvolving bowel, bladder, and reproductive organs, how this impacts theirfunctional gains and how to best treat

     Round table discussion with current research on other related topicsof interest submitted within 30 days of course.


Friday April 21st, 2017 - Sunday April 23rd, 2017

Scottsdale, AZ


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