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Advanced Lymphedema Management
This expert level 6-day certification course provides instruction on advanced topics of Lymphedema Management, including Elastic Taping, Head and Neck Lymphedema (HNL), Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS), difficult patient case studies, advanced bandaging techniques, compression pumps, postoperative and postradiation intervention techniques, circulatory and integumentary systems, wound assessment, wound care and more. 
This certification course consists of three 2-day sections:
-Management of Lymphedema of the Head and Neck Course 
-Elastic Taping & Advanced Bandaging Course,
-Wound Management for Lymphedema Patients Course.
Tuesday, November 10th 08:00 Sunday, November 15th 17:00
Management of Lymphedema Affecting the Head & Neck
This intensive workshop is designed to address the clinical management of patients with Head and Neck Lymphedema (HNL), frequently following surgery or radiation for the treatment of head and neck cancer. This workshop provides the academic and hands-on foundation to successfully implement appropriate therapeutic post-operative and post-radiation intervention techniques to reduce symptoms associated with HNL.
Tuesday, November 10th 08:00 Wednesday, November 11th 17:00