LANA Board of Directors Application

Applications are accepted throughout the year for LANA Board of Director (BOD) positions. In order to be included in the year’s election, applications must be submitted prior to June 1st of that year. Elections are held once a year prior to LANA’s annual fall board meeting. Board members serve two-year terms.

Persons interested in applying should review the “Responsibilities of LANA® Board Members” section at the end of this application.

Personal Information

Professional Information

Board members serve two-year terms

Please give detailed answers the questions below. If needed, please attach additional paper and any additional documents you wish to submit in the next step.

Why do you wish to serve on the LANA Board of Directors?

Given your background and training in lymphology management, what contributions do you anticipate making to the LANA Board of Directors?

Do you have any legislative experience at the local, state or national levels relating to lymphedema or other areas?

Do you have skill sets to assist LANA in grant writing, fundraising, research and/or project management?

Are you involved in any activities or business that present a conflict of interest and/or would prevent you from impartially participating in the LANA Board voting process?

List any other lymphology or related organization with which you participate or are a member, along with your role/position in that organization:

Are you a director or instructor of a Lymphedema Training Program?

How do you see yourself promoting the objectives and purposes of LANA?

What goals would you like to see LANA accomplish?

Currently, LANA has 13 Committees as listed below. Check any committees you would be interested in participating in while on the Board. Information regarding committees is located in LANA's Policy & Procedures Manual.