About LANA

The objectives and purposes of the organization shall be to promote standards for management of individuals with lymphedema and/or related disorders, to establish and maintain certification for healthcare professionals who provide such services and to promote lymphedema awareness and the science of lymphology.

The Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) is a non-profit corporation comprised of healthcare professionals experienced in the management of lymphedema. Having recognized the need for a national certification examination for lymphedema therapists, LANA tests knowledge considered fundamental in the treatment of lymphedema.

To serve this need, the LANA Board has initiated a fund-raising campaign for the purpose of developing and administering the certification examination. The estimated cost of exam development and initial administration by a professional testing organization is approximately $100,000. LANA board members have personally made substantial contributions to this project and are asking patients, therapists, manufacturers of lymphedema products, and all those who will benefit from a national certification examination, for financial support.

All sponsors will be listed on this Web site, in the order of donation amount,

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